Steriline Washers for vials

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steriline washers

Our Steriline washers include the linear washer in two models, the AW Series and the VW Series. The linear washers process vials with a capacity up to 40.000 pph. Further, AISI 316L SS comprise all parts that come in contact with the interior of the glassware and process fluids. Whereas, AISI 304 SS make up other parts, such as the frame, shafts, and bearings.

Moreover, the washing cycle can include ultrasonic bath, recycled water, new water, compressed air, siliconization, hot air drying and other options as required.

In addition, monitoring the various fluid pressure and temperature assures constant performance. Processing vials in a unidirectional way prevents any potential contamination.

Also, the linear washing machine’s low speed motion handles vials gently. Quiet, shock reducing, acetalic resin components prevent vial breakage and promote proper vial alignment throughout the process.

Likewise, the integrated control system automatically controls all the functional parameters of the machine, according to various glassware size and type. Additionally, alarms are automatically displayed on the screen.

Lastly, all Steriline systems are in compliance with cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 requirements.