Filling Machines with Intermittent & Continuous Motion


The modern design of Steriline Filling Systems includes the newest filling process requirements. For instance, our In line transport and small width filling systems are suitable for the application of RABS and isolators; Thus reducing the volume to be monitored and sterilized. Further, each system features continuous monitoring of the viable and non viable particles. Additionally, filling by volumetric pumps and/or peristaltic pumps actuated by servomotors allow precise filling and easy adjustment of the pumps by means of the HMI. Moreover, our filling systems offer Nitrogen purging inside the containers before, during and after the filling.
100% IPC (In Process Control) of the weight and statistical Check Weighing system with feedback to the dosing pumps. Next, Steriline Filling Systems feature the option for processing prefilled syringes, loaded from the nests. Each filling machine includes a vibration generator for the bowl of stoppers inside the mechanical volume (below the process area).

Capping station designed to reduce particle generation, by rotating the vials under the blades.
Possibility of ampoules closing station.

In addition, filling and closing stations can be arranged in one single machine platform. Steriline’s advanced design enables them to customize the filling process in the following combinations: VIALS and SYRINGES, VIALS and CARTRIDGES, or VIALS, SYRINGES and CARTRIDGES

All Steriline filling machines are in compliance with cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 requirements.