Exterior Glassware Washers

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Steriline decontaminating machines clean the external surface of vials and ampoules with a capacity up to 48.000 pph. Further, media options (used for surface decontamination) include purified water, W.F.I., detergent . Likewise, compressed air dries the decontaminated ampoules and vials.

Moreover, the washing fluids spraying nozzles are specifically designed and contoured to avoid process fluid introduction at the seal level. In addition, the compressed air blowing nozzles remove the residual washing fluids from the exterior glassware surface.
The changeover parts consist only of star wheels, infeed and outfeed guides. Whereas, the nozzles are adjustable.

Also, our EDM Series, Exterior Glassware Washers feature: High washing efficiency, highly effective drying, protection of the seals, flexible transport system, reliable changeover time and longer processing time.

All Steriline systems are in compliance with cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 requirements.

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