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Closed Restricted Access Barrier Systems

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Steriline Containment Systems include our closed Restricted Access Barrier Systems (cRABS). Additionally, the cRABS are designed for the production of sterile products, either potent or non-potent.

These systems provide protection for operator from product and for product from operator and they prevent contamination by keeping the production process enclosed in a confined area.

The cRABS enclose a space where HEPA filtered, unidirectional air vertically flows over the process area. The exhaust fan maintains the pressure difference between the interior and the exterior.

Moreover, the operator interface  (PLC and touch screen operation panel) comprise the cRABS and isolators integrated control system. The electrical cabinet can be located in the technical area, while the HMI is located close to the process unit.

The STERILINE cRABS main features include AISI304L SS for metal contact surfaces with finishes of at least Ra=0,5µm. Further, our cRABS offer AISI304L SS for panels, guards, etc. and AISI316L SS for cleaning solution piping with tri-clamp fittings.  Dense security glass sealed with inflatable gaskets compose the doors.  Silicone, Viton or EPDM comprise the gaskets and gloves are incorporated into the design for aseptic applications. In addition, the mock-up test determines the quantity and position of gloves. Next, a spray gun (fed by WFI or WFI) mixed with inactivation agent acheive CIP of the internal surfaces. Lastly, all of our cRABS allow continuous monitoring of viable and non viable particles.